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When I first sat down at my neighbor's drum set in 1964 and attempted to play, I knew this would be what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was very lucky to be able to play the first time I tried. I was a natural, thanks to God's wonderful gift, I started playing Professionally as a freshman in high school in the south suburbs of Chicago 1968 and by the end of my sophomore year 1969 I was making good money. I  played the week end nights Friday, Sat, Sun and was always there. I was young and the schedule wasn't hard to keep up with, besides, I loved to play. I kept myself playing by mouth to mouth referral. Musicians who played with me in the past, referred me to other musicians who needed a good drummer and my number was passed along. At that time, late 60's and 1970 the only way things happened was by personal referral. I was lucky to have so many referrals and I had several buddies that I either attended school with, or met from other schools that I referred to others when I couldn't take a gig due to prior commitments. This was how players got their reputations around back then.
     I soon teamed up with my band director from high school and his very talented friend to form an organ trio which became quite successful. We added a beautiful singer with a fabulous voice and played all over the midwest. 

     I continued to play on the road and in the studio doing a number of television and radio commercials which I enjoyed very much. Studio work was a great joy and I still enjoy it today. In the studio the producers discovered I had a good singing voice and started to book me for drums and vocals. The studio pay check went up. I told them I also played woodwind instruments which I had originally started on in grade school and I played limited guitar and bass, so they started using me for all sorts of parts in the studio and I learned the ins and outs of the recording business. Today my credits include Drums and Percussion, Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Soprano Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Flugelhorn and now, keyboards, synthesizer.
       My career went on the road again, playing in a number of "Elvis" bands that became very popular after his death, and on into many Las Vegas dates where I played with many Top Bills and headliners. I was able to put together many  recording projects in my new home studio that produced several hit songs and sound tracks for parts in movies. 
         I now (1980) relocated to Los Angeles where I did recording at Sound City in VanNuys, CA and at The Record plant  in Hollywood . Projects out of my home recording studio produced several successful products and some compositions well received by top recording artists, but the responsibilities of a home and family took presidence over everything else. I had to get a good day job and my musical career toke back seat. I managed to keep playing however and I decided to go back to my roots. I came back to my first love, JAZZ. I was fortunate to have played with many top Jazz names and get a good response from them in return.
Now after playing in over 45 different states, going through the " Disco" era, which was the Bubonic Plague of live music, and getting older, I am still playing and recording in my new and very modern digital recording studio. We now have the advantages of the Internet. The internet, I feel, is the musician's answer to getting his or her's reputation around. Digital recording and Internet access is the answer to getting your own sound heard. I keep a digital recording studio at my home and time willing, I attempt to put out as much as I can.  Please feel free to contact me about Internet solutions or just to communicate at richard@richardvreeland.com.